It’s March. Usually a time for the flowers to began blooming, the cold temperatures to drive every so slowly to the north, and the coats to be stored away until it returns next winter. March also means its time for the Madness that is the NCAA college basketballtournament, and it seems this year it was the only March constant we could count on showing up on time (though the beginning seems to be pushed back every year.)Other constants are there, too. The local teams are in once again, though UK is unprecedented territory as a bubble 11 seed and IU backed its way in after a stellar 3/4’s of a season as a strugg-a-ling 8 seed. Louisville remains the best hope with a 3 seed.

However, I’m not here to pick my winner, or tell you how I have my bracket playing out. Instead I hope to vent my frustrations of being a fan of the wrong sports teams. The teams that never seem to pull it together in crunch time, lose to their, and suffer heartbreaking losses that linger in your mind for the next couple of seasons.The most recent example of this is my beloved Hoosiers.
Where do I start? Well, I could start at the beginning of the season with a Top 10 preseason ranked squad, a top prospect in Eric Gordon coming in with much hype, and a senior anchor in the middle named D.J White. This was the season. We were going the bring home a Big 10 title, before making our way through March Madness.And here we are, reeling and hoping we can make it out of the first round, only then to be matched against the number one seed overall. At this point, I’m kind of glad to see its coming to a close. Amidst scandal, cheating, and player’s that quit playing, I’m pretty fed up. But then there is DJ, and I want to see him go out on top so bad. Atleast he kept up his end of the bargain and brought home a Big Ten Player of the Year Award.This is not the first time disappointment has come to crush my dreams for a team of mine:
– If you’ll remember, the Jaguars were almost the best team in the NFL a couple years back. Only losing two games all season, both to the Tennessee Titans, it looked as if the Jags would have a very winnable game at home against the Bills to reach the Superbowl. Then if you’ll remember, there was a play now famously known as the Music City Miracle, that left the Bills stunned and the Jags waiting to play the only team they could not beat. Three losses, all to the Titans. Disappointment.
– In my final season of U-16 soccer at Okolona, we had the team that was finally going to win that elusive state championship. The game to reach the finals was at the ripe hour of 7 am against our most hated rivals, Vine Grove.  We led by a score of 2-0 at half time, only to see our hopes dashed in a matter of minutes as they scored at will to win 4-2. And so my final season closed without a title. Disappointment.
There have been winless seasons (4th grade baseball) and 1 win seasons (8th grade basketball). But to those who fear that sports has always treated me unkindly, there was back-to back undefeated seasons of T-ball. Hooray.So why do I keep coming back after each disappointment? It’s simple, really. There are few places in the world that you can always have hope for the next game, for the next shot, for the next year to be yours. If we knew who was gonna win, they wouldn’t play.So maybe, just maybe, our team will come to play. Maybe DJ will take us all the way. A man can hope can’t he?Hoosier team? Hopefully it’s not the same as mine!